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Aldeno is a Comune of 3000 inhabitants in the Province of Trento. A land  which is varied and vast and which boasts a great number of vineyards which provide grapes of undisputed quality.  It is situated approximately 10 km southwest of Trento, on the right bank of the River Adige.

There are various theories regarding the origin of its name. The most accepted is the Latinised German Aldius, but there are also theories associating Latin (Altinum) and Longobard (Aldii) origins. The area has inherited the mentality of the grape cultivator and producer from the Nordic populations.

The traditional union of Aldeno and the grape has been spontaneously favoured by the localisation of the Cantina, since the relationship between the quality of the wine and the characteristics of the territory in which the vineyards are situated is well known.

Trentino lands with a tried and tested winegrowing vocation, which can count on the varied terrains able to transfer the typical characteristics and peculiarities of the land into characteristics belonging to the wines. The grapes all come from Trento and its outskirts, from Besenello, Calliano, Volano, and Rovereto, Pomarolo, Nomi, Cimone and lastly Garniga. The land covers altitudes of 160-170 metres to approximately 800 metres, and spreads from side of the River Adige to the hilly areas.

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